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For everyone struggling to combat multifarious issues at work while juggling with responsibilities and challenges on the personal front.
  • Are you struggling to get your voice heard?
  • Are you not asking questions because you don’t have a safe space where you can get the help you need?
  • Does keeping quiet feel like a better option than asking for a promotion or a pay increase because you are scared of rejection?
  • Are you struggling amidst cultural norms which expect you to comply instead of speaking up and truly being your true “authentic” self?

I have not only dealt with imposter syndrome and fear of rejection but have actually come across multiple young people who feel this way every single day. While we may feel lonely and scared by ourselves, we are certainly not alone. I have mentored many young aspirants and helped them find their way in a corporate world that poses many kinds of challenges and has complex dynamics. Ask me anything and together, we will climb every mountain and scale every wall. The sky’s the limit!


A natural mentor to many of her colleagues, Nabarupa has worked across cultures and led large product teams driven to deliver innovative, customer centric solutions. Public Speaking, Business Intelligence, Product Management, Integration, Agile Methodologies are some of her areas of expertise.

About Me

Hi! I am Nabarupa Banerjee – a passionate product leader who loves building products that customers love and strong product teams that deliver magical results! I am a Product Director at Airbnb leading the Homes Platform team. Prior to Airbnb, I was at Walmart for 13 years. This is where I got my first break as a Product Manager in 2007. I went on to launch the first ecommerce warehouse at, the first ecommerce site for Walmart Canada and held prestigious positions such as Head of Product for and ultimately VP of Search Ranking for and I live in San Jose, California. I am an artist who loves to paint and I am also an avid reader of sappy romantic fiction. I am fortunate to be the daughter of a father who always believed that I could do anything that I set my mind to – and that confidence drives me to set crazy and ambitious goals. I am also the mother of 5 beautiful kids and wife of a wonderful man – my family inspires me to be the best version of myself every day.

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