Are girls children of a lesser God?

women empowerment essay in India

An essay on women empowerment in India

If you stay positive in a negative situation …..You win.

This refers to people who are inferior. How can a girl consider herself or be perceived by others as inferior when there can be no existence of humankind without woman She is the epitome of Shakti and life begins with her .Women play a key role in strengthening the dynamism of human civilization- one of the ways to understand the position and status of women in it. Our women empowerment essay has exactly tried to focus on this social stigma .

Women empowerment in India

women empowerment essay in English

If we turn over the pages of history we will find that women were honored as well as empowered. They were dignified with respectable status in the Vedic Period. They participated in war, were involved in public activities and decision making. They also had the right to choose their male partners. Women were the epitomes of intellectual and spiritual attainment.

Significant women ,to name a few were Ghosa , Maitreyi, Gargi, Laxmibai ,Ahilyabai, RaziaSultana , Mary Ward , Mother Teresa , Sr Cyril, Malala, Mary Kom and presently , Arunima Sinha. Several such names come to mind, but all cannot be mentioned. However their contribution cannot be forgotten. These women stand strong due to the support they had and have primarily from their families.

Mothers are the epicenters of their families; the focal point ….A day off from the home front will prove their worth!

It is the responsibility of the “Men” of the society to bring about a Revival of the beautiful past.

Why women empowerment is important?

The present scenario is a black page in history, where the girl child is abandoned if she is born with a health disorder or is physically challenged, as she is considered a burden for the family, and if she is born healthy she has to carry with her a dowry that drains the family’s finances. This is a sad truth we have discussed in our women empowerment essay

Educated women prefer to work closer home as they have the double duty of office and home. She is the housekeeper, nurse, planner, multitasking wonderworker. She wakes up before everyone else in the family and is the last one to go to bed. She has no time for herself.

She is harassed on the streets, in the bus, in the malls, in offices… object to be used, to satisfy the male ego.

Eve teasing, rape, murder, have become everyday occurrences …..The cheap mentality of the rich who think they have it all in their pockets, make them commit these heinous crimes. Several women have given up their jobs due to fear, and when employment opportunities dry up it is the woman who suffers the most, they are the first to lose their place on the employment map. So, let us advocate women empowerment and promote gender equality in workplaces.

Half hearted measures are taken to enhance women’s safety. If severe punishment is meted out to offenders we will bring back the lost glory that once belonged to India.

Through this women empowerment essay, I appeal to brothers, fathers, husbands, and male colleagues to stand firm beside women and give them the support they so deserve.

Rosalind Saha
Rosalind Saha
Former English Teacher at Loreto Convent | [email protected]

Rosalind stands for Resilience..., bounces back from a challenging situation that keeps her low or negative.
She was educated in Loreto and served there for over three and a half decades. She loves children and understands them.
She served in Loreto Convent as a Senior English teacher, but the psyche of the human mind baffled her to such an extent, that on the verge of her retirement she pursued an MA degree in Psychology, so that it comes in handy to counsel people in distress or at crossroads, at junctures where they stand confused, cannot take decisions.
Her mantra- “Not all storms come to disrupt your life …some come to clear your path.”

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