There is no age for learning

There is no age for learning

Learning is a continuous process through life – There is no age for learning

There is no age for learning‘ – an ardent believer of this adage, I strive to instill this simple, yet gratifyingly mantra in my students, too. Learning is a continuous process that requires acquiring competencies, knowledge, and skills which further our future prospects. Over the last 15 years of my career as a French language expert and education adviser, I have witnessed the indomitable Power of Learning. The enthusiasm of a 10 year old picking up a new language is as striking as that of a 70 year old trying to re-instill self confidence through the grammatical intricacies of a foreign language.

As for myself, I chose and pursued a path quite different from my peers. My choices opened me to a whole new world. I travelled to new places, discovered unfamiliar cultures, met interesting individuals with fascinating stories, gained an insight into life’s complexities and developed a sound understanding of the world around me. My education sprung from the weirdest corners of the globe.

At the age of 40, I picked up the paint brush and since then, life’s canvas has never felt more beautiful. Be it learning to play a musical instrument, a creative art form, a sport, or a new language, the thrill of acquiring a new skill creates a sense of well being. It is one of the most spirited ways of dealing with the continuous changes and challenges in life.

As Sartre says “Nous sommes nos choix” – We are our choices. So, make that Choice, live that Dream!

There is no age for learning
Nusrat Hossain
Former  Education Advisor at Campus France - French Embassy, India | [email protected]

Nusrat Hossain is a French language expert . She was the former  Education Advisor with Campus France - French Embassy in India

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