The indomitable spirit of Christmas

The indomitable spirit of Christmas
There’s something about the indomitable spirit of Christmas, even this year!

The thing I miss the most right now is being able to go out and meet my family and friends without the restrictions this pandemic has imposed on our relationships. I’m not alone in this. Being stuck in the house day in and day out since March has taken on a monotony that has now become our New Normal. It can be boring but what can you really do?  

Unfortunately, like it or not, this pandemic is now part of our lives and we have to learn to live with it.  That doesn’t mean, however, that it should hinder us or ruin celebrations. Also, like it or not, Christmas is going to look very different this year. There’ll be no big parties or gatherings and while that definitely puts a damper on things, we MUST hold onto the real spirit of Christmas. We can still end this year on a positive note, look ahead with hope, and move ahead with life in a responsible way.

So what can you do when you can’t meet up with your family and friends (at least not in large numbers) in  the festive season? You get on to one of the “gifts” of 2020 — Zoom! Meet your loved ones online, whether they’re next door or across the world. Catch up with them, share a laugh and a joke, sing carols, maybe binge watch every Christmas love story ever made… or just blast the music and dance like no one’s watching because, really, no one is!! 

You could also just stay in bed during the holidays and snooze a little longer in the cold mornings or stay up late at night on phone calls with your favourites and talk about the most random and mundane things in the world. Maybe you could tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

As bleak as things may seem, there’s something about Christmas that won’t let us give up… it has an indomitable force that makes us look on the brighter side of things. Perhaps that’s got to do with the birth of a baby over 2000 years ago, a baby whose birthday we celebrate every year, a celebration that gives us a renewed sense of hope… and suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad, after all. 

And it wouldn’t hurt to leave some cookies and milk out by the Tree for old Saint Nick just in case he does fly by. And …er… don’t forget the sanitiser… 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

Shae-Lynn Mariska Samuel
Student | [email protected]

Currently an 11th grade student who's tortured by school for the past 12 years. Shae-Lynn enjoys writing poetry, is an ardent music lover (read: BTS) and has a love for anything that has lemons in it. Being the elder sibling isn't fun when you have a brat of a younger brother. Being a daughter whose parents are so done with you (not really!) is the definition of a chaotic child. Personality? She's is a very confused individual and still five years old at heart

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