How to pursue your dreams & passion – Passion Fruit

How to pursue your dreams & passion – Passion Fruit

How to pursue your dreams

The most influential person during my formative years was my sister. For a young child, she was always busy, purposeful, knowledgeable, curious, clear in thinking and most of all, never bored. She made friends easily and conversed on any subject with great ease. If I were to describe her core strength, it would be zeal. From her I imbibed a few valuable lessons. I am sharing those here so that you know how to pursue your dreams and perform exceptionally.

Why is it important to pursue your dreams?

~ It is important to observe why you find something interesting. It helps to understand yourself better and aids in discovering your interests and passions.
~ Interests and passions make for a stimulated individual
~ Stimulation propels the purpose in its required direction
~ Once the direction is clear, put in your all. The harder you work, the luckier you get!

How to pursue your passion?

My journey on this path started in school around grade 8. I found myself being interested in several things, art, architecture, modelling, music, sports and so on. I was equally drawn to each one of them. By the time I reached grade 10, the pull towards art, architecture, fashion design and modelling begun to conflict. It became increasingly difficult for me to choose one above the other.

My school provided group sessions with career counsellors but these sessions seemed unidirectional and didn’t give me the much needed platform for discussion or direction. My sister was no longer around to chat since she had already graduated from school and moved on to pursue a professional course in architecture. My father’s work kept him at sea and away from home for months together. While he wrote the most inspiring letters, it just wasn’t enough. Then there was mom, who usually never offered unsolicited advice. But looking at my predicament she suggested a simple solution. She asked me to introspect, accordingly prioritise my interests and prepare a list of places that I would want to visit in this connection.

I did exactly that. Upon introspection it was clear to me that I was more artistically oriented. Architecture required a strong science base, hence it was not for me and while I was athletic, I did not want to be a professional athlete. This left modelling; a profession that did not require a degree and could be pursued at a later stage. I did however visit the campuses of NID, NIFT, SPA, CEPT, JJ etc. and advertising agencies as well.

Apart from this I continued serious swimming, post school art classes, basketball coaching and extra academic classes outside of school. By the time I reached grade 11, my direction was more than less certain. I was soaked in the thought of getting into NID (Nation Institute of Design-Ahmedabad), nothing else was of consequence. NID offered Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Ceramics, Textiles, Products etc. The attraction was that the foundation year allowed students to work in all disciplines. This was perfect and my direction was crystal clear, which is essential if you want to pursue your dreams.

To cut the long story somewhat short, I did attend NID, interned with an advertising agency as part of the curriculum. Modelled for campaigns and featured in an advertising film whilst in design school. Was offered a job during my internship with Lintas (advertising agency). Much later opened my design studio, became an international ramp model and represented India on an international platform. Most importantly I met the man of my dreams (whom I am now married to) in a swimming pool. Today my LinkedIn profile reads as follows -space designer, creative imaging and former fashion model.

I am in no position to offer advice to anyone since each individual’s situation varies. However, just to share what has worked for me so far and how it could help you pursue your dreams –

~ Hard-work to fulfil my dreams
~ Integrity in all I do &
~ Passion for multiple things

And if I were to sum up my core strength, it would be a Passionate Zealiever 😉.

Sunalika Sinha
Graphic Designer | [email protected]

Sunalika is a former model who worked for Indian and international fashion houses, and also featured in advertising campaigns.

She is a graphic designer from National Institute of Design, with experience in executing large projects in space design. She is currently working on photo-stories.

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