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My journey has begun
Lockdown musings of a ten-year-old

My name is Sidiksha, meaning goddess Lakshmi but I am not a “lokhhi” girl. I am naughty and I trouble my mother a lot. I am my father’s favourite and he calls me his Princess. I am the only child and I have no brother or sister. My elder brother can swim and younger brother can cycle, my elder sister dances well and younger sister is good at drawing. I remain busy with my siblings. My friends are Darrell, Alicia and Irene from Malory towers by Enid Blyton.

I go to a beautiful school which has been closed for the last 10 months and I miss my school. I miss my teachers and friends. I miss the playground and tiffin time. My friends call me Sid. I spend time in taking selfies all day and turning them into videos. My  favourite subject is Science and Computers. I also watch a lot of YouTube especially Bright Side. It is very informative and I enjoy watching it. My current favourite is knowing about the royal family of Great Britain. I also love Tones and I and BTS, but my father wants me to listen to Kishore Kumar and Beatles. We watch Feluda movies together, he does not tell me who the bad person is but I have to guess myself. He gifted me a cycle for my 10th birthday which was on 1st October. I love my birth date because every year there is a holiday after the birthday party. I cycle very fast these days and scare my parents. I am scared of my mother when she teaches me. I turn into a small rat and my mother into goddess Durga. She disciplines me all the time. During the lockdown she encouraged me to take part in different events. I won a medal and certificate for securing the second position in  National level drawing competition organised by CIART  Maharashtra.

I want to be a wildlife photographer when I grow up. Now I click pics of clouds and butterflies later when I become older I want to click pics of rare birds and endangered animals. My father often repeats a Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”. My journey has begun.

Thank you.
Sidiksha Bhattacharya

Sidiksha Bhattacharya

Sidiksha Bhattacharya is a class four student of Loreto, Entally, Kolkata. She dreams of being a wildlife photographer when she grows up.

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