To be a leader – Shape yourself up

To be a leader – Shape yourself up

Key qualities of a good leader that set him apart

A leader is an individual who influences or guides other individuals to achieve a goal. He is a person who can convince others to follow him to accomplish their wishes. Naturally those who follow the leaders are the “followers”. It is this skill of persuasion that separates a leader from a follower. In today’s discussion, we’ll study some of the key qualities of a good leader.

What are the key qualities of a natural leader?

So, if you wish to be a leader, you should, as I understand, shape yourself up keeping the following in view:

key qualities of a great leader that sets him apart from the rest

Key qualities of a good leader

  1. Focused
    You must be focused towards your journey towards excellence. You cannot vacillate in deciding your path along which you will discreetly take your followers to achieve contentment. You need not have to be like Arjuna targeting the revolving fish – eye, but nevertheless, you have to be clear in your thoughts as to what you want to attain and be firm on it.
  2. Be on the learning curve
    Fulfill your goals through learning. For a leader learning never stops. So secure yourself through strengthening your knowledge base. You may be questioned as a leader by people following you and you cannot fumble while making definite clarifications.
  3. Truthful
    I do not connote a “saintly” version, which we usually mean. It is to be honest to what you wish to achieve and for which you are leading your followers. Do not let them down at any instance. Tell your followers frankly what you can do for them and what you cannot. Communication has to be absolutely clear from the leader for any target achievement.
  4. Diplomatic
    A leader needs to be tactful. He has to step on many stones which are unstable, to cross a marshy land, but still he does not deter from doing it and leads the people behind him safely and securely across to their satisfaction. He, thereby, proves himself as a prudent, sensible person to all those who depend on him for goal achievement.

No life is without hurdles. This is more so when you are a leader and have people following you. They depend on you and look up to you for achieving what they want. These are the characteristics & qualities of a good leader.

The challenges which a leader may face have to be faced firmly. He cannot let any form of frustration ruffle him. This will off track him from being a leader.

What are some great leadership qualities at work?

Great leadership qualities that make a good leader

  • There will be oppositions from peers around you who will question your ability to be a leader. They may smirk at you. Do not feel apprehensive. Accept the questions as they approach and answer them with prudence. Here comes the merit of being on the learning curve. Be taught and teach.
  • There will be many followers who will be your critics. Do not feel demotivated. Your role will be to treat them with grace and kindness. Listen to them with patience and state your views with honesty. Even after that if there are people leaving you, let them go. But do not let them get you down: Be firm.
  • Build your leadership on certain principles. Let others question them. But if you trust them for the good of all, then abide by them, let others question them as they want to. Respect their views and make clarifications, as necessary. Move with zeal and do not get upset or agitated.

    To sum up, in order to lead others – build yourself with firmness, reason and elegance. Be trustworthy yourself before you are trusted by others. Be a leader and experience the joy of leading.

Anjan Chakravarty
Founder, Director at All Wave Consultancy | [email protected]

A postgraduate in Economics and a PhD in Business Management with specialisation in marketing, Dr. Anjan Chakravarty is presently Founder, Director of All Wave Consultancy, a management consultancy organisation undertaking marketing research for companies like Exide, Philips, Birla Corporation, KPMG, Ernst & Young, etc.

He is also connected to academia, as a faculty member in the management group of the Department of Commerce, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and a guest lecturer at the Department of  Business Management, Calcutta University. He has lectured in various management institutes in India and also at S.P. Jain Management Institute in Singapore. He has authored articles in Indian and foreign journals.

Dr. Chakravarty is a member of the Energy and Environment Committee of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a second generation Freemason


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