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journey of self discovery
Journey of self discovery

I have been learning life through many a struggle, repeated hardships, misunderstandings and sorrows. Just like joys, winning moments and success has brought immense pride and pleasure; the low phases of life have kept me grounded and more real. I rather consider it as a journey of self discovery.

Self discovery journey – the process to discover a path of self discovery

journey of self discovery

Life has been good in both the ups and downs -one giving me the flights of fantasy and the other waking me up from that delightful dream of all that is good and hunky dory. Am I strong? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to judge myself. Let me be. Let me just be. The way I am, I am happy. I am ok with my success and my failures; I am ok with my fears and insecurities.

I am ok with my dreams and aspirations. I am ok with my weaknesses and strengths. Life is best lived in moments. It’s in pieces; I am not trying to make it a whole. It’s ok in the separate, individual unrelated pieces. This jigsaw puzzle will never fix. Probably that is the journey of self discovery.

What is self discovery?

There is a pattern of life, not all realise this and embark on a journey to self discovery. We are a part of a universal puzzle and understanding life on an individual base level does not answer questions, it does not solve the puzzle. Acceptance of life as it is, is a big challenge. I have faced this challenge, accepting life. I have accepted myself.

This journey of self discovery is amazing, it is still on, let it never end, cause the end will bring end to my entity. What is life if there is no life in it? Breathing is not the sign of life but being alive and participating in the self discovery proces is! Thank you life for keeping me alive. 😊

Satarupa Bhattacharya
Teacher at Loyola High School, Kolkata  | [email protected]

Satarupa has been teaching at Loyola High School, Kolkata for over 15 years. She is a Loretoite and grew up among the lush green campus of the Convent.  She completed her education from Loreto and St. Xavier's before started her career in St. John's, Chandigarh. 

A lover of nature, Satarupa has stepped into the arena of conserving nature and does that through making of videos to create awareness to save mother Earth, conducting webinars on the same in collaboration with the IndianF orest Department. She is adventurous too, having scaled a height of 3000 feet in Bhutan on foot, paraglided from 5000 feet at Khajjiar and posed with tigers in Pattaya. 

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