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A help page for parents and high school students as they stand at the crossroads of life.
  • Parents, are you anxious about how your child is coping at school?
  • Is your teenager child not the same as she/he used to be?
  • Students, are you confused about how to balance the suddenly increased workload at school with your passion for “extra-curricular”?

Doubts, queries, and anxieties keep cropping up for high school students and their parents alike as they are at the crossroads of their life – an important juncture with many hurdles to cross. These questions could be related to choices they need to make, the mentoring they seek, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and how they need to gear up. Feel free to reach out to me and we can try tackling these hurdles together.

High school - Sunirmal Chakravarthi


An accomplished educationist, a motivational speaker and an inspiring mentor to his students, he has been an able administrator and a leader. He is a sports enthusiast, a deft trekker and an adventurous traveller. He is involved in several social initiatives. He is a published author of acclaim with a keen interest and expertise in English literature.

About Me

Hello! I am Sunirmal Chakravarthi. I am a teacher by choice who became a Principal by accident!

I began my professional life as a teacher at St. Paul’s School Darjeeling in 1987. I joined La Martinere School Kolkata as Principal in January 2006. I retired from La Martiniere in 2015 and have been spending my retirement in great happiness amongst family and friends in Darjeeling. While I enjoyed my stint as school administrator for almost twenty years, I feel my best moments were when I taught literature to scores of students in the classroom or when I took them out for excursions. I am the former President of the Rotary Club of Darjeeling. In 1997 I led a Group Study Exchange Team of young professionals to Sweden. I am a Paul Harris Fellow and also a Life Member of the Indian Red Cross Society and the Darjeeling District Sports Association.

I am an avid reader, trekker, traveller and sports enthusiast. I have authored several books, including some published by Cambridge University Press, one of which was part of the ISCE syllabus. My latest passion is “re-discovering the country by road.” Happily married to my wife, Shova, we are blessed with a son and daughter who are pursuing their own academic dreams.

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