Science is about Knowing and Engineering is about doing

Science is about Knowing and Engineering is about doing

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world – our take on the benefits of engineering in the modern world

Engineers are the people who explore the world with their pen and brain. Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus and manufacturing processes. Engineering is nothing but just the applied part of advanced pure sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Why Engineering?

Everything in the world is run by the engineers. Civil Engineers build the world, Mechanical Engineers move the world, Electrical Engineers give power to the world, Computer Science Engineers program the world, Telecommunication Engineers connect and make the world a family and Electronics Engineers gadgetize the world. Hence, engineers are the true creators of the world.

What are The Benefits of Engineering?

benefits of enginnering are immense for the society

Engineers as professionals take their task seriously to produce designs that can turn the impossible into possible without any harm to public life. From flyovers to mobile towers to aeroplanes, all are the creations of engineers only. For ages, engineers have turned imaginations and dreams into reality through their impressive work.

From the invention of wheel which started earlier to the industrial revolution and now to microchips and microprocessors, all are the marvels of engineering and probably the core advantages of engineering. Without Engineering, our world cannot survive. Indeed, engineers are the problem solvers of real-life problems. An engineer is the person who works really hard to convert ideas into reality for making people’s life easier.

Why Study Engineering?

There’s a saying that engineers can do anything. It was evident during the times of Newton and probably that answers the question “why choose engineering”, or simply put why it’s an exciting career option for those looking to give back to the society. Even the Central Government updated the National Educational Policy in 2020 to boost students’ logical thinking and reasoning abilities. The goal was to ensure that the Nation always produces quality engineers.

Newton wanted to know how to write between four and five in a word:

Responses he received:

Pharmacist: Good Joke

Business Administrator: Impossible

Engineer: F(IV)E

But, nowadays the respect and value of engineers is reducing a lot in the society due to people’s misconception. But they don’t understand that if engineers stop working, the world would stop at one and for all.

Finally, I would to like to conclude by quoting Elon Musk

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.”

Ronik Guha
1st Year Engineering Student at University of Kalyani | [email protected]

Ronik Guha is a first year engineering student of Electronics and Instrumentation and Engineering at University of Kalyani, Department of Engineering and Technological Studies. He has keen interest in Robotics and VLSI Design.

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