We are committed to helping you make informed decisions at important crossroads of your career.

Cygnus Centre of Excellence provides holistic career guidance to young people. Be it advice on higher studies or professional growth, we provide you with access to experts across fields.

Cygnus Centre of Excellence is a reliable platform that aims to answer all your questions, and help you make important career decisions with ease. You ask, we answer!


Expert advice for your career progression at no cost. Ask us anything for free!

Higher Studies

College counselling, best boards, applying to international colleges and more.

Career Advancement

Resume writing, job applications, interview skills, overseas opportunities, etc.

Professional Growth

Courses to enhance prospects, dealing with feedback, asking for a raise, etc.

Workplace Dynamics

Common issues at workplace, dealing with bias, work-life balance, etc.

Personal Development

Improving communication skills, handling social media, interpersonal skills and more.

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Offbeat Career Opportunities
July 03 2023 Monday

Offbeat Career Opportunities to Explore – A Session for aspiring career seekers

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